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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Morin Law Office was opened on January 1, 2003. We are a busy criminal defence law firm that is experienced with all criminal offenses. Mr. Morin works in mainly criminal but welcomes some child welfare apprehension cases.

A criminal arrest is one of the most frightening and uncertain experiences one can encounter. Whether charged with a summary or indictable offense, you can face penalties and ramifications that may follow you for the rest of your life. Beyond the legal consequences, the reputation gained when someone's been convicted can remain on their criminal record and affect their career pursuits.

Morin Law Office prides itself on providing quality legal representation which ensures each case is treated with the level of attention it deserves. With over a decade of experience in criminal law, you can be rest assured that your case is in good hands - whether your matter involves drug crimes, assaults, murder, thefts and everything in between. 

Clients choose Morin Law Office because we offer:

  • A consistent track record of results;
  • Over a decade of legal experience;
  • Outstanding customer service and client attention;
  • Specialized legal representation to those involved with criminal matters;
  • Mr. Morin has appeared in every level of Court in the Province of Alberta;

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